Taron Egerton Wants To Join The MCU Even If It’s Not As Wolverine

He may not be the next Wolverine, but Taron Egerton reveals that he still wants to join the MCU. With films such as the Kingsman franchise and Rocketman under his belt, the young actor has proved his acting prowess. And if it was up to him, his next role would be in a superhero movie in the Marvel interconnected franchise.

Egerton was initially rumored to play Wolverine as Marvel Studios’ hunt for the next actor to take on the role supposedly began. He has since then denied this, explaining that it’s unfounded and actually stemmed from a joke he made about potentially taking on the role. But as far as official talks are concerned, nothing’s happening between his camp and Kevin Feige’s. This bummed out a lot of his fans who thought that he could be perfect for the part. In addition to that, his friendly relationship with Hugh Jackman after they worked together in Eddie the Eagle helped fuel rumorsJackman, who brought the character to life for almost two decades, could help him approach the iconic mutant. Despite this, the young actor now says that he’s more than willing to play any role in the MCU if given the chance.

Variety caught up with Egerton during the Hollywood Foreign Press Association annual dinner where he was asked again about the possibility of him as Wolverine. The actor maintains his previous answer to the query, but adds that he’s game to take on any character in the franchise since he both love Marvel and their movies. Watch the full interview below:

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s TV and movie assets official, Marvel Studios can actively incorporate the X-Men into the MCU. But the mutants and the Fantastic Four were notably absent from MCU’s Phase 4 slate which was confirmed during Marvel Studios’ Hall H presentation at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Feige did hint that they already have an idea on their treatment for these characters, but no specific projects for them. That means that it might still take a couple of years before fans see these heroes in the universe. Of course, it’s possible that hints leading to their introductions are peppered in some of the confirmed movies and TV shows which could help fans’ anxious anticipation when it comes to these beloved Marvel heroes.

It’s probably for the best for Marvel to hold back on introducing the X-Men, especially Wolverine who was tightly linked to Jackman. Perhaps a new version can come out toward the end of Phase 5 which would fit Egerton’s schedule given he’s still slated to do the third Kingsman installment — that’s if he’s ultimately going to play the Adamantium-weilding mutant in the successful universe. In any case, with a potential Rocketman acting nomination and even win in the upcoming award season, Egerton can pull a Mahershala Ali with Blade and personally call Feige for a role in the MCU.

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